we accept reservations for groups of 5 or more


** please note, our menus change often and what is listed here may not reflect what's currently available

chefs' features

duck rillettes with crostini, mesquite syrup & cornichon/cantaloupe/cucumber relish $15
chicken pot pie - fried chicken breast, carrots, fennel, onions, corn, herbs & puff pastry $21
P.E.I mussels in a clam/tomato/white wine broth with grilled ciabatta bread $21
seared swordfish with farrow, heirloom tomato, preserved lemon, red onions & prosecco mint vinaigrette $24
kumamoto oysters (12) with shishito mignonette $18


cheese with some jam and toast* $12 for 3 or $16 for 5
p&p pickle plate $5
pork shoulder tostadas, ginger aioli, kimchi, scallions $9
buffalo pork shanks with bleu cheese crumbles $10
fried brussels sprouts with asiago & a farm fresh egg $9
jerk pork belly with mashed yams, hatch pepper jelly, plantain chips, frisee $15
bulkogi lettuce wraps - marinated skirt steak & house slaw 3 for $12
pork liver smear with seasonal fruit mustardo & pickled fennel $7
house made charcuterie, pickles and bread $17
wood oven roasted bone marrow, mizuna/parsley mix, fried capers, shallots, tomato compote & crostinis $14
shishito peppers - aloha soy & thai garlic $10

salads and a soup

chilled cucumber soup with mango & togarashi $7/9
‘dump truck’- mixed greens, shaved baby veggies, seeds, cucumber & shallot vinaigrette $8/$11
tomato salad - heirloom tomatoes, mizuna, roasted red radish, burrata & grilled bread $14.5

the big show

veggie supper - wild shrooms, basil, turnips, peas, favas, tomatoes, ricotta gnocchi & goat cheese fondue $17
crispy skin trout with potato pancake & green bean almondine $22
braised chicken & pasta - lemon fettucine, parsnips, english peas, grape tomatoes & baby carrots $20
smoked salmon - scallion tater tots, mizuna, shaved fennel, capers & lemon crema $16
shrimp & grits - anglo shrimp, house made andouille, creole sauce & buttered grits $20
grilled bavette - creamed corn, fried and smashed fingerling potatoes & grilled asparagus $25

sammies (they come with fries or a small dump truck salad or tots for an extra buck)

‘apocalypse sow’ - house ground pork burger with bacon, cheddar, grilled onions & aioli $17
custom ground burger with homemade bun & choice of cheddar, havarti or blue cheese $13
‘the nancy’ - brie, avocado, tomato, basil & shaved red onion on garlic rubbed batard roll $13.5
B.L.T - pork belly, butter lettuce, beefsteak tomatoes & cherry pepper aioli on homemade roll $14
cuban pickle crisis - pulled pork, ham, pickle, swiss & ‘peruvian chainsaw’ mustard on house ciabatta $14


farm chicken egg $2.5
seared foie gras $14
house smoked pork belly $4
crispy bacon $4
slow roasted pork $4
cold smoked salmon $6
aioli - sambal, ginger ormalt vinegar $.50